Jizerská 50 and Other Popular Cross-Country Skiing Trails

Winter Marathon through a Dreamy Countryside

One of the most important sports events in Czechia is taking place for the fifty-fifth time this year. Jizerská 50 is a traditional cross-country ski race for both professional athletes and amateur cross-country skiers. The participants and their supporters can look forward to a rich programme for the whole three days of the event, from Friday, 11 February, to Sunday, 13 February. In addition to the main fifty-kilometre-long race that takes place at 9 a.m. on Sunday, 13 February, the organisers also offer shorter tracks. For example, classic 50, 25 or 10 kilometres; freestyle 30 kilometres, or night sprint for 1.5 kilometres with ascent. Relay races and a track for the youngest skiers are also prepared. You can participate in one or more races. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Jizera Mountains! The race starts in Bedřichov in North Bohemia and runs almost through the entire mountain range. You will also ski along the latest edition to the UNESCO heritage list, the Jizera Mountains Beech Forest.

Jizerská 50 is the most famous cross-country ski race in the Czech Republic; it started in 1968. The event is the 1970 Peru Expedition Memorial, commemorating the tragic loss of fifteen mountaineers, with a remembrance service on Saturday. The race is a part of the world league of cross-country skiing marathons, the Worldloppet, and top Czech and foreign athletes as well as many famous people take part in it. In 2008, Jizerská 50 became a member of the Czech Ski Tour series and in 2011, it joined the Ski Classics series. It is the largest mass race in cross-country skiing in Central Europe!

Jizerská 50 without Participants

Didn’t make it to Jizerská 50? Or not feeling strong enough? No worries! You can follow in the footprints of the traditional race along the Jizerská route anytime, even without the support of fans. Leisure cross-country skiers can also manage the short version of the famous race. You will ski through the beautiful countryside of the Jizera Mountains and put your fitness to the test. Some of the most beautiful trails can be found around Kristiánov, Bedřichov, Nové Louky and Jizerky. The track is regularly groomed and there are orientation boards and signposts at each in intersection. Information centres will be happy to recommend the best route and you can also pick up a map there.

Unforgettable Krkonoše Views

The Krkonoše Mountains in North Bohemia are the highest Czech mountains. It is where you will find Sněžka, the highest Czech mountain, and the town of Špindlerův Mlýn below, a centre of winter fun in the Krkonoše Mountains. Several cross-country skiing trails starts in Špindl, as the Czechs call it. One of them – from Špindl to Luční bouda and back – will take you through one of the most beautiful parts of this majestic mountain range. The trail is designed for more experienced cross-country skiers. The second trail we would like to recommend is even more demanding. It leads along the main ridge of the east part of Krkonoše from Pec pod Sněžkou with the highest peaks of the Czech Republic – Mount Sněžka, Studniční and Luční. This trail is definitely designed for fit skiers and those who love distant views. Children and beginners should not attempt to take it.

Cross-Country Skiing through Untouched Šumava

The Šumava Mountains can be found in the south and west Bohemia. It is the largest Czech mountain range with native mountain virgin forests and deep peat bogs. It is also the coldest area in the country, freezing temperatures happen even in the middle of summer! So, the snow cover is quite stable in winter. And where to put on your cross-country skis? You can explore the surroundings of the village of Modrava in the centre of the Šumava National Park. There are two beautiful loop trails there – one leads through the valley of Roklanský stream and is eleven kilometres long. You can enjoy some ascending, beautiful downhill skiing and the untouched nature of the peat bog of Tříjezerní slať. The second Modrava trail runs through a nice countryside shaped by the Modrava stream and through the surrounding forests towards Březník, a cottage amidst forests and clearings, where the protected wood grouse utters the mating calls at the end of winter. So, be quiet as not to disturb them!

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