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Banska Stiavnica is the gem among the towns of Slovakia. Its undeniable beauty caused it to be one of the first Slovak towns to be included on UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage in 1996. In 1735, the oldest mining school in the Kingdom of Hungary was founded here. It was promoted to the Mining Academy in 1762, the first superior mining school of its kind in Europe.
Banska Stiavnica / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica - Old Castle / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica / © Ladislav Struhár │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Banska Stiavnica - Old Castle / © Róbert Buga │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica - Old Castle / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica / © Róbert Buga │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Banska Stiavnica / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica / © Bedrich Schraiber │Source: Slovak Tourist BoardBanska Stiavnica - entry to the mine / © Ján Lacika │Source: Slovak Tourist Board
The dominant feature of the town centre is the Old Castle standing on the west terrace of the Trinity square. The oldest part of the Castle is the former parish church of the Virgin Mary. It was built together with the adjacent ossuary of St. Michael in the 13th century as the three-nave Romanesque basilica. Today, the Old Castle houses the Slovak Mining Museum. The New Castle has been standing on the opposite hill since 1571. It also contains collections of the Slovak Mining Museum, among them documents concerning Turkish wars. It offers visitors a wonderful view of the town.
The majority of the monuments of Banska Stiavnica are concentrated in the area spreading between the Trinity and Town Hall squares. Both squares are separated from each other by the Gothic church of St.Catherine which dates from the end of the 15th century, and the building of Town Hall with its slender clock tower. In the centre of the Trinity square, skirted by old burgher houses and public buildings, stands the beautiful Trinity Pillar. The biggest building of Trinity Square is the Hallenbach House, where the Mining Court sat. Another bulky building stands on the Kammerhof´s Street, which runs down from the town centre to the bus station. It is the building of Kammerhof or Chamber Yard, which was created in 1550 by the adaptation of several Gothic houses. Today it is the principal building of the Slovak Mining Museum. Its most attractive part is the outdoor exhibition where there is the option to visit the underground pits. The Baroque Calvary is also one of the most gorgeous sites in Banska Stiavnica. It consists of 23 structures situated in a charming mountain environment.


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