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The Smrdáky spa lies next to the town of Senica in West Slovakia. It first became famous for its sulphuric medicinal springs back in the 16th century. It was Baron Joseph Vietoris that founded the spa between 1832 and 1833, when the first spa building was constructed alongside a manor house for wealthy visitors. Today, the spa consists of several empirical buildings, which have been repeatedly reconstructed but still keep the original character.

Spa Smrdáky / Source: Slovak Tourist BoardSpa Smrdáky / Source: Slovak Tourist BoardSpa Smrdáky / Source: Slovak Tourist Board
Due to the composition of the local medicinal water and excellent therapeutic results, the spa has concentrated on treating skin diseases since the 20th century. The waters are indeed unique. One litre of the local water contains more than 3,100mg of mineral components. The hydrogen sulphide content is especially high (more than 600 mg/l), which makes the Smrdáky water the most sulphurous water in Europe.


Smrdáky: Location

Slovakia GPS latitude/longitude: 48.72222 , 17.30209


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