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The ancient town of Třeboň lies in the typically picturesque countryside of South Bohemia. The spa here alleviates arthritis and rheumatism and helps in treatment of the locomotor system with the aid of therapeutic peat.

Třeboň - the Schwarzenberg Tomb / © Ladislav RennerTřeboň / © Ladislav RennerTřeboň surroundings / © Ladislav Renner
Třeboň castle / © Roman CestrTřeboň  - town fortification / © Ing. Lubomír Čech
Thanks to the great wealth of water sources, Třeboň is known as the ‘town of fishponds’ or ‘region of mirrors’. It is precisely for this specific natural biosphere that Třeboň and its surrounding areas are protected by UNESCO. With its historical town centre, Renaissance chateau, Regent brewery, extensive parks and famous “World Fishpond”, the area really is unique.

Points of interest
The Anifest International Festival of Animated Films is held in Třeboň, offering a perfect way to spend a family weekend. Children can try their hand at making their own animated film in the workshops here. Třeboň is also famous for its long tradition of fish breeding, which means you can enjoy delicacies including the superb Třeboň carp in local restaurants.


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Třeboň: Location

GPS latitude/longitude: 49.01625 , 14.76287


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