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Area: 322 575 sq km (9’th largest in Europe, 68’th largest in the world)
Location: Central Europe. Poland borders with (from West to East): Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast. Its northern border – more than 500 km long – runs along the Baltic Sea coast
Population: 38,5 million (6’th in the European Union, 8’th largest in Europe, 34’th largest in the world)
Official language: Polish
Capital city: Warszawa
Other major cities: Łódź, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Katowice, Lublin
Membership: NATO (since 1999), European Union (since 2004), Schengen Area (since 2007)
Entrance: Poland is planning to enter Eurozone within the next few years
Currency: The currency is Polish Zloty
Climate: Temperate, the average temperature in July is 20°C (67°F), but there are many summer days when temperatures rise to and above 30°C (86°F). The best time of the year for summer sports is June, July, August, and for winter sports: January, February, March.
Time-zone: GMT + 1 hour (in summertime switching for GMT +2), 24h time format 


Telephone, electricity, internet, accommodation

Telephone – In Poland the easiest way to communicate is using mobile phones. Polish pre-paid cards are available at kiosks, post offices, and supermarkets.

Internet – Internet acces in Poland is widely available. Without any problems you can use it in any hotel, internet cafes, and wireless acces in Hot-Spots.

Electricity – Voltage 230V

Smoking cigarettes in restaurants and pubs is allowed only in designated areas, drinking alcohol on the streets is allowed only in case of gardens of restaurants.

Opening hours, days off, public holidays:
Days free of work are Saturdays and Sundays.
Public holidays when you can expect shops and offices to be closed are the following:
New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st), Easter Sunday and Monday (moveable holidays), Labour Day (May 1st), the anniversary of the Constitution of May Third (May 3rd), Corpus Christi (Thursday, movable holiday), Feast of the Assumption (Aug. 15th), All Saint’s Day (Nov. 1st), National Independence Day (Nov. 11th), Christmas (Dec. 25th and 26th).

All hotels are classified and their categories range from inexpensive to luxurious.
Rooms can be booked by telephone or Internet:,,,,,

Many historic and old buildings (palaces, castles, manors, mills) were adapted for tourist purposes: tel. +(48-22) 433 60 30,

Booking of rural B&B accommodations: tel. +(48-52) 398 14 34, mobile +(48-602) 459 137,

Youth hostels: tel. +(48-22) 849 81 28, fax 849 83 54,

Camping: tel./fax +(48-22) 810 60 50,

Polish Tourist Country Lovers’ Association:

Money can be changed at banks or exchange counters. Credit cards are accepted in shops, travel offices, airlines agencies, fuel stations, etc. There is no time limit on the use of credit cards – they can be used round the clock. Loss of a credit card should be reported: tel. +(48-22) 515 31 50 or 515 30 00 (open 24 hrs). The Polish currency is the zloty (PLN) divided into 100 groszy. Coins in circulation: 1, 2, 5 zlotys and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 groszy. Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zlotys.

Customs regulations:
Customs rules and procedures are similar to those prevailing in the majority of EU countries. Detailed information is available from the Ministry of Finance, tel. +(48-22) 694 31 94,


Transport, Useful phone numbers

International airports in Poland operate in the following cities: Warszawa, Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Łodź, Lublin, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Wrocław, and Bydgoszcz. LOT Polish Airlines is Poland’s national carrier. In order to find necessary information, all travellers planning to come to Poland and move around the country by air should visit the LOT website:

In additions, several other carriers, including budget airlines such as:
Easy Jet –
Germanwings –
Sky Europe –
WizzAir –
Ryanair –

Poland has a well-developed rail network. Major Polish cities are interconnected by Intercity express trains running between European cities. The national railway network is administered and serviced by the Polish State Railways (PKP). All necessary information can be found on the Polish State Railways (PKP) website:

Any place in Poland can be easily reached by an extensive network of national and local roads. Coach services are operated by the state and private bus companies throughout the country.

Taxi stands are marked with the TAXI sign. Taxis can best be booked by phone. Higher rates are charged for travel out of city limits, on Sundays, and holidays. A special night fare is applied between 10 pm and 6 am.

Traffic regulations
They are compatible with the rules in the EU countries. The relevant speed limits on Polish roads are: 50 km/h during daytime and 60 km/h from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. for all vehicles in built-up areas; 90 km/h on lane roads; 110 km/h on expressways; 130 km/h on motorways. Between October and February headlights must be switched on at all times while driving.

Useful telephone numbers
Nationwide toll-free 24-hour emergency phone numbers:
Ambulance: 999
Fire brigade: 998
Police: 997
Mobile phone holders assistance: 112
Emergency number for tourists (in operation during the whole summer season): 0-800 200 300, +(48 608) 599 999.


Why to visit Poland?

Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches. A democracy located in the middle of Europe, inhabited by friendly, hospitable people building a modern economy, yet cherishing their heritage dearly. Every year, Poland is visited by millions of tourists and when they leave the country they take back with them wonderful memories, and a desire to return as soon as they can. In Poland everyone can find something of interest. Modern leisure facilities provide recreation of the highest standard. Museums, modern art galleries and concert halls, swimming pools, equestrian clubs, discos and night clubs. Everything is here, ready to satisfy even the most demanding guest. Poland’s natural environment makes active rest and recreation possible at any time of the year. In many regions of Poland there are natural sites preserved in their primeval state rarely encountered in other parts of Europe. Poland’s climate ensures favorable conditions for leisure activities throughout the year. Along the Baltic Sea Amber Coast and across the Masuria, the Land of a Thousand Lakes, there are ancient forests, rivers, hills, crisscrossed by paths, bridleways and trails to be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and water sports enthusiasts. We guarantee nobody will leave Poland disappointed. Those hungry for adventure will get plenty of thrills. Those who are looking for peace and a bit of calm will be able to relax in Poland’s nature reserves. And if you are looking for entertainment there are many places which will provide you with the fun and excitement you are searching for. Visitors feel truly welcome in Poland when they experience our traditional Polish hospitality. Polish people like to entertain guests at home. These friendly encounters and jovial discussions will be among some of the lasting memories of your stay in Poland.

 Tarnowskie Gory are getting closer to becoming UNESCO site! Show on map|Polska
7/5/2017  | Tarnowskie Gory are getting closer to becoming UNESCO site!
Most likely on the 9th of July, the World Heritage Committee, which will gather for a week in Krakow, will decide whether Tarnowskie Gory will be placed on the world's most important monuments list! The World Heritage Committee is composed of representatives from 21 countries: Angola, Azerbaijan,...
 Tarnowskie Gory are becoming UNESCO site! Show on map|Polska
7/5/2017  | Tarnowskie Gory are becoming UNESCO site!
On 9th of July, the World Heritage Committee, have placed Tarnowskie Gory on the world's most important monuments list! The World Heritage Committee was composed of representatives from 21 countries: Angola, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Croatia, Cuba, Philippines, Finland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan,...
Garlands over Vistula – sign of spring full of music and magic Show on map|Polska
6/24/2017  |Garlands over Vistula – sign of spring full of music and magic
Garlands over Vistula – sign of spring full of music and magic. On the 24th of June – on the first Saturday of summer holidays – real stars are going to shine brightly at Podzamcze. Among other artists, an icon of electronic music – DJ Afrojack – will appear at Garlands over Vistula this year. His...
FEI European Eventing Championship 2017 Show on map|Polska
6/24/2017  |FEI European Eventing Championship 2017
Poland Host European Championships in Eventing Top Riders, Best Horses, Great Spectacle 2017 will be a remarkable year for Polish equestrian. In August in Lower Silesian- Strzegom FEI European Championships in Eventing will take place. Poland for the first time ever will be the host of championships...
Zakopane and its Unique Cultural Heritage Show on map|Polska
6/12/2017  |Zakopane and its Unique Cultural Heritage
Hiking or skiing in the beautiful Tatra mountains during the day and touring the historical old town in the evenings. Zakopane really has it all! You won't want to miss this amazing place on your trip to Poland. Especially recommended during your holidays in Krakow, as it is just 2-hours drive away! Zakopane Zakopane,...
Do not miss your chance to join World Games olympics! Show on map|Polska
6/5/2017  |Do not miss your chance to join World Games olympics!
Have you ever wondered why some of the fascinating sport disciplines are omitted during Olympics? Parachuting, Aerobatics, Bowling, Korfball, Fistball, Lacrosse, Sumo and Tug of War are just as great (if not better) to watch as any of the Olympic sports! From 20 to 30 June you'll have a chance to...
Join 27th Mozart Festival in Warsaw! Show on map|Polska
6/2/2017  |Join 27th Mozart Festival in Warsaw!
From 12th June to 15th July 2017 you'll have a unique chance to join one of over fifty events, which will take place in the Theatre of the Warsaw Chamber Opera and in many historic locations of the capital: in the Royal Castle, in the Royal Łazienki Museum, in the Museum of King John III Sobieski's...
Visit Festival of Jewish culture in Krakow Show on map|Polska
6/1/2017  |Visit Festival of Jewish culture in Krakow
The Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow is one of the most important and largest events of its kind in the world. First Festival took place in 1988 and shaped by outstanding figures in various fields of Jewish culture and art, the Festival became over time a place where Jews and non-Jews from all over...
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