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Historic Hotels Hungary Show on map|Hungary
2016/08/23  |Historic Hotels Hungary
13 enchanting historic hotels in HungaryHungary is well-known for it's magnificent architecture and also for it's rich history – so why not discover both of them and look for one of the many great historic hotels as an accomodation during your stay? From Art Nouveau to Classicist-style buildings,...
Record number of visitors on 2016 Sziget Festival Show on map|Hungary
2016/08/18  |Record number of visitors on 2016 Sziget Festival
Record number of visitors on 2016 Sziget FestivalThe 24th Sziget Festival has ended with the record-breaking number: almost half a million people attended from more than 100 countries. The non-stop week of fun of 2016 is now over, but the dates of the 25th Island of Freedom are already revealed!Following...
Wine festivals 2016 Hungary Show on map|Hungary
2016/08/17  |Wine festivals 2016 Hungary
Great events wine lovers should visit this autumn in HungaryHungary is most renowned for it's Tokaji aszú wine, but as the wine industry of the region probably dates back to the Celts and the country has 22 wine regions, the selection of Hungarian wines is definitely worth a thorough exploration! Here...
Hungarian Operetta Show on map|Hungary
2016/08/12  |Hungarian Operetta
Memories of the Belle Epoque: Hungarian OperettaPart of the cultural heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the international genre of operetta received an unmistakable twist in Hungary and has become a real hungaricum. This light opera was incredibly popular in the Belle Epoque and the following...
Things to do and see - top 15 castles in hungary Show on map|Hungary
2016/08/09  |Things to do and see - top 15 castles in hungary
Top 15 must see castles in HungaryHungary has about hundred castles and ruins of castles all over the country, many of them are being renewed nowadays. Here we selected for you the best 15, worth it to visit if you have the chance. Hungary has a very rich historical past. Because of the many type...
Balaton summer programmes Show on map|Hungary
2016/06/29  |Balaton summer programmes
Summertime at Lake BalatonLake Balaton is much more than a popular holiday destination! Whole summer season boasts of an abundance of programmes around the Hungarian Sea. Check out our selection here!Party hard! There are some major Hungarian festivals held at Lake Balaton – the ambience is absolutely...
Hungarian Grand Prix one of the major events of the summer Show on map|Hungary
2016/06/28  |Hungarian Grand Prix one of the major events of the summer
Hungarian Grand Prix – one of the major events of the summerClassical. This is what it has become over the past years, the race track of Hungaroring. It was built almost three decades ago as a rarity of its time, for being the first one beyond the Iron Curtain, and now it is still special as the third...
Europe: Wonder is all around campaign Show on map|Hungary
2016/06/27  |Europe: Wonder is all around campaign
Wonders of Europe, off the beaten trackThe campaign of the European Commission aims to entice European citizens to discover the hidden wonders of the continent. Those who contribute will have a chance not only to win train tickets to travel in Europe but also to inspire others to take the road less known. Campaign...
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