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Etyeki Piknik events Show on map|Hungary
2014/12/22  |Etyeki Piknik events
Since 2013 the visitors of Etyeki Piknik meet and taste the gourmet treasures of our country and of Etyek four times a year in a more familiar atmosphere Újhegy and Szépvölgy.
Filo Bar – Brand new bar in Budapest 7th district Show on map|Hungary
2014/12/22  |Filo Bar – Brand new bar in Budapest 7th district
The more eco-friendly, the better! It's safe to say the Filo is the greenest pub in the district.
Advent fairs in Budapest Show on map|Hungary
2014/12/01  |Advent fairs in Budapest
Advent fairs in BudapestThe advent season is with us once again. This is actually a great time of year for experiencing a taste of what Christmas is like in another culture. From November until early January, the Christmas markets are great places to spend a chilly winter evening, perhaps tasting some...
Santas, santas, everywhere? Show on map|Hungary
2014/11/25  |Santas, santas, everywhere?
You may have noticed the profusion of little chocolate models of Father Christmas or Mikulás, all over the country recently. In Hungary, these will be especially popular before December 6th, the day of St Nicholas/Mikulás. This is when Santa comes to visit Hungary, leaving gifts and sweet treats for good boys and girls.
Don't miss the Rembrandt Exhibition at the Budapest Fine Art Museum Show on map|Hungary
2014/11/06  |Don't miss the Rembrandt Exhibition at the Budapest Fine Art Museum
The Budapest Fine Arts Museum is hosting another big-name exhibition, entitled "Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age." It continues the tradition of gathering famous works from museums far and wide.
Budapest from on high Show on map|Hungary
2014/11/04  |Budapest from on high
You can enjoy the beautiful setting of the Hungarian capital not only from the level of the Danube River, but also from many high-up vantage points.
Gala Concert of the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra Show on map|Hungary
2014/10/27  |Gala Concert of the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra
Every year on December the 30th, the day of the MUSIC-WINE Festival at the Budapest Congress Center, the audience can enjoy the grandiose concert of the world known and unique 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra.
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