Why Not Try The Folk Dance Simulator?
The new craze from Hungarian Tourism is here.Try out the best Hungarian folk dances with different backgrounds and share the a video of the hilarious results with your friends. Next time on Sziget Festival!

What is Video Folk-dancing ? It's a program that simulates folk-dancing. It's a bit like Karaoke, except here one must dance, not sing. Instead of song lyrics on the screen, you see exactly how the dance should be performed. You can try it alone, as a pair, or as a group. The only goal is to have a good time! We provide the music and the background. When you are satisfied with your dance, you can share the final video with you friends straight away. Its free to do, you just need to register at the Hungarian Tourist board stand where our colleagues are ready to help. The best part is that the dance achieving the most likes will receive a special video gift.

What is Video Folk-dancing like? There are 6 different dances you can select from, according to your ability and the number of dancers required.

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