Wheelchair-accessible sights: Accessible museums in Budapest
Budapest is home to hundreds of museums, many of them housed in beautiful, old mansions, stately homes and even palaces built in the age when accessibility was hardly a factor in construction.

hus, people living with disabilities here are often challenged by unsuitable doorways, walkways and most of all, stairs. Low-lying Pest for example has suffered terrible floods from time to time through its history and a great many buildings were constructed with the main entrance at the top of a short flight of steps. Fortunately, with modern technology and a little advance communication with the staff, these difficulties can easily be resolved nowadays. Here we provide a list of some of the most popular and most accessible museums in Budapest. Source: National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ)

Museum of Fine Arts
The museum features full disabled access. An elevator is built to the right side of the stairs which takes the visitor to the entrance. Severely challenged guests and an accompanying person can enter the museum free of charge. From the main entrance an elevator will help you reach the exhibitions located in the basement, where the cloakrooms and restrooms are also situated. In front of the ticket-office, in the second exhibition chamber, you can take an elevator to the first floor, from where another elevator takes the guests to the second floor where the exhibitions can be visited without any further limitation. For the visually impaired, touchable exhibitions are organized regularly. Audio guides, Braille-signs and Braille printers are available.

Art Exhibition Hall (Heroes' Square)
An eclectic-neoclassicist building houses temporary exhibitions of contemporary artworks. This is situated on the Southeast side of Heroes' Square, opposite the Museum of fine arts. An elevator overcomes those impressive steps to provide access to the main entrance, and one inside, the exhibitions are wheelchair friendly and disabled-accessible restrooms are available as well.

Hungarian National Museum
Assuming that one arrives by car, the easiest way is to ride through the gate from Museum Körút (in the direction of Astoria) and use the entryphone to ask for assistance. The disabled-accessible entrance is located on the left side of the building, facing Bródy Sándor utca. Here a member of museum staff welcomes the visitors and can provide assistance in accessing the exhibition halls. A disabled-accessible restroom is available. If disabled visitors arrive as a group, it is requested that they make an appointment in advance by phone, to smooth the logistics.

Museum of Agriculture
Disabled-access is provided by ramps and stair-lifts. A wheelchair-accessible restroom is also available. The pavements of the garden have been renovated, to make it easy to get around.

Museum of Transport
The Budapest Museum of transport provides an insight to the history of Hungarian transportation, both public and private with an interactive exhibition of vehicles and other exhibits. The building is situated in the Városliget or City Park and is really only reachable by car. The entrance is equipped with a ramp. The toilet is wheelchair-friendly.

Natural History Museum
The collections on display to the public are situated in the historic Ludovika building, formerly the home of the National Defense Academy, Hungary's "Westpoint." The beautiful, neo-classicist building can be reached most comfortably by car. Full access for persons with disabilities is provided throughout the whole premises, including the restrooms.

Zelnik István Southeast Asian Golden Museum
The collection of Southeast Asian gold objects was ground by István Zelnik, a former Hungarian diplomat in Asia. The exhibition is situated in a former villa of a noble family. Full disabled-access is provided.

If you find any unmentioned obstacles or other problems with our suggested route. Do please contact us.

Source: National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ)


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