Torkos Csütörtök - Great Restaurant Day 2016
Great Restaurant Day 2016: Several restaurants extending the promotion!Great Restaurant Day (Torkos Csütörtök) was held again on Thursday 11th of February! Now is the time to eat and drink to your heart's content – and your stomach's delight! A great many of Hungary's restaurants offer a huge one-day-only...

Great Restaurant Day 2016: Several restaurants extending the promotion!
Great Restaurant Day (Torkos Csütörtök) was held again on Thursday 11th of February! Now is the time to eat and drink to your heart's content – and your stomach's delight! A great many of Hungary's restaurants offer a huge one-day-only 50% discount. It is usually well-subscribed, so it will pay to make your reservations well in advance!

Great Restaurant Day (Torkos Csütörtök) Thursday 11th February 2016

What is Great Restaurant Day?

In Hungarian it's „Torkos Csütörtök", (pr. torr-kosh tshut-or-tok - literally Fat Thursday). ‘Torkos' means one who loves to eat and ‘Csütörtök' is for Thursday. It is something similar to Mardi Gras in French-speaking countries. The Hungarian event itself comes from a folk tradition. The period of Epiphany starts with Fabulous Monday, then comes Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and then "Fat" Thursday, the day, dedicated to eating, before the fasting period of Lent. The tradition is not a national holiday, but has been revived, largely by the Hungarian Tourist board as Great Restaurant Day, when we have invited all restaurants in the country to join in the fun, and offer a 50% discount from the final price to each guest. You can imagine how busy this day is for restaurants! This will be the 11th year of „Torkos Csütörtök" and we expect there to be more than 100,000 guests nationwide, on this one night, served at several hundred restaurants across the country!

List of participating restaurants in Budapest HERE!

List of participating restaurants in Hungary HERE.

Find on POIplaza webpage with GPS navigation data the complete list of restaurants here, and restaurants extending the promotion for more than one day here! (Registration on the webpage required.)

2016 – A Year of Gastro-Adventures in Hungary!

Hungarian Toursim Ltd. presents 2016 – A Year of Gastro-Adventures in Hungary! The country will be highlighted as a unique destination for all those wishing to explore culinary experiences, no matter they are looking for traditional dishes of local gastronomy, special wines of the wine regions, pálinka, Hungaricums and other treats of Hungarian culinaria. Thematic year was be launched with Great Restaurant Day, and will be showcased by some large-scale events, some of them being international. These events will be completed by local programmes throughout Hungary. Webpage of the event will be launched soon!

What about drinks?

Alcohol free drinks are included in the Great Restaurant 50% off deal. Nonetheless it is always adviseable to take a good look at the menu and the attending prices to know what to expect.

Why is this good for me?

The main attraction is the huge discount, but there are other advantages. Here is a perfect opportunity to try out an expensive restaurant, to taste specialities, extraordinary dishes, order fancy desserts, higher quality wines, and pálinkas, that might ordinarily be outside your budget. It's a great chance to try any kind of restaurant you wish: from traditional to exotic, from art cafés to fish food restaurants... Restaurants will be crowded, but there is normally a great atmosphere as well, with waiters running around, fantastic aromas and many satisfied customers to share the evening, as friends and families chat and enjoy each other's company in the rather cosy surroundings. For those who don't eat meat, most restaurants will be offering a range of hearty vegetarian meals too.

Is the tip 50% less too?

Tips in Hungarian restaurants are usually 10% of the total. If you are really satisfied with both the food and the service, you can give more as compliment. The way locals give a cash tip is to say out loud to the waiter/waitress how much they want to give including the tip, so that he or she can calculate the change.

How can I get involved?

All you need to do is to get in touch with the restaurant you wish to visit, and ask whether they have joined Great Restaurant Day or not. If they have, reserve a table quickly! Enjoy your meal and drinks and the 50%-off when the bill comes.

Don't wait a moment! Find a participating restaurant in Budapest, or anywhere across Hungary, then reserve a table while you can! Here is a list of the some great Hungarian restaurants in Budapest! (N.B. Please check in advance that any restaurant you choose is actually participating in Great Restaurant Day, and do reserve a table, to avoid disappointment, as most restaurants fill all their reservations quite early) Want to learn more about traditional Hungarian gastronomy? Find more info here, while a great summary about new wave restaurants can be found here!

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