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Soak, splash & heal: 11 renowned thermal baths of HungaryHungary has more medicinal spas than anywhere in Europe, so it's worth combining your holiday with a relaxing bathing cure! The country is blessed with an abundance of thermal waters and healing spas, and it is almost impossible to decide which...

Soak, splash & heal: 11 renowned thermal baths of Hungary
Hungary has more medicinal spas than anywhere in Europe, so it's worth combining your holiday with a relaxing bathing cure! The country is blessed with an abundance of thermal waters and healing spas, and it is almost impossible to decide which ones to select for a toplist from the huge choice. Still we have tried to do so and give a list of the most renowned thermal baths of the country!
No matter in which direction you leave Budapest, you're simply unable to travel without hitting a great thermal bath within a short time. Hungary is a land of more than 1,000 hot springs, and already ancient Romans prized the healing effects of it's thermal waters. They developed bathing culture in Hungary more than 2000 years ago, and later the Turks also added beautiful Turkish Baths, some of which are still in use today. Many spas are located in Budapest and also throughout the country. These bath complexes offer a great choice of possibilities, from thermal pools and medical treatments to swimming pools, from family programmes and aquaparks to saunas. In the following list we give a selection of some of the baths of Hungary outside Budapest, all of which can easily be reached within a day trip from the capital. We give you a quick overview here; for more info on the water characteristics, healing effects and services of each bath, click on the titles! 
With it's huge natural thermal pond, Hévíz is absolutely unrivalled. The lake, and the town (both with the same name menaning 'hot water') is situated near the soutwest corner of Lake Balaton. The thermal lake is the world's largest biologically active natural thermal lake with a surface of 4.4 hectares, and due to the thermal spring it's water (which is 35 °C in summer and never less than 22 °C in winter) is replaced completely every day.
Lake Hévíz from above
Lake Hévíz is open all year around, and next to it St. Andrew hospital offers a great selection of treatments from indoor thermal pools to mud pack and massages.
Thermal water of Harkány was explored in the 19th century – it's properties are similar to the water of the Dead Sea, except that it contains much more kinds of salts. It is beneficial for many health problems, and also perfect for refreshing body and mind. Water temperature is between 34-38 °C, and we can enjoy a water surface of a total of more than 2000 sqms.
Harkány Thermal Baths
Thermal baths and strand pools are surrounded by a wonderful park of 13,5 hectars. No matter if you want to relax quietly or amuse yourself with your family members, the baths offer a great selection of possibilities, including also saunas and restaurants. 
The town of Sárvár, in Western Hungary, has one of the country's most renovned medicinal spas, which, as many other thermal baths of the country, is owing it's creation to the engineers looking for oil – and found thermal water instead. Not only medicinal water, but Sárvár salt and mud are famous for their healing effect.
Sárvár Thermal Baths, photo ©
The bath complex is divided into sections, medicinal thermal bath, family bath complex with amusement facilities, outdoor baths and sauna world all guarantee that visitors of all ages will feel great. Besides all these, there are only ten spas in Europe bearing the name ‘Royal Spa', and the Spa and Wellness Centre in Sárvár is one of them.  
Medical and wellness therapies at Sárvár Thermal Baths
Town of Eger in Northern Hungary is famous for it's castle, surviving a few battles between Turkish and Hungarian armies. Turkish have occupied the town for a while, and one of the most delightful reminders of this period is the Turkish bath. The 31ºC medicinal water of the bath has the highest radon content in Hungary.
Turkish Bath of Eger
The building itself is remarkable, as the arches are covered with beautiful Zsolnay ceramics, so you can have a hamam experience in a really authentic environment. Not only baths, but the city itself is worth exploring – not to mention world famous red wine, Bull's Blood (Egri Bikavér) of Eger!  
This huge bath complex, which got it's name from it's first owner, Lajos Zsóry, has an area of 11 hectares, and is situated 4 kms from the center of Mezőkövesd, a town in Norheast Hungary. It consist of alltogether 21 outdoor and indoor pools, from swimming pools to thermal ones, surrounded by a beautiful park.
Zsóry Baths of Mezőkövesd
Thermal water has wonderful healing effects, but if you just want to amuse or refresh yourself, the baths are also a great choice. Mezőkövesd is center of the matyó people, whose colourful costumes are worldwide renown, so it's worth to make an excursion and explore the nearby town and the countryside.
This town at the feet of the Alps in Western Hungary enjoys all the benefit of thermal springs from the 1950s, when enigneers were looking for oil and found hot water with 58 ºC temperature instead. Since then a whole complex, Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre formed which by now has 32 pools from swimming pool to medicinal pool.
Bükfürdő, photo ©
Hills and forests, and nearby tons of Sopron, Kőszeg and Szombathely offer great possibilities to amuse ourselves and explore the countryside.
The town of Hajdúszoboszló, which is located in Eastern Hungary, 240 kms from Budapest, has one of the largest bath complexes in Europe. The baths are located around a beautiful boating lake, and consist of five main elements: aquapark, thermal bath, strand, aqua palace and swimming pool, water temperature ranging from 25 to 38 °C.
Thermal Baths of Hajdúszoboszló
Due to the many pools and other facilities the baths are a real fun for everybody, no matter of what age. There are many hotels around the baths, but you can chose from the many apartment hotels and also a thermal camping for your stay.   
A spa located in the middle of the lovely town in Southeast Hungary, in a beautiful park of Almásy Palace: this is Castle Spa complex of Gyula. The comlex, area of which is 8.5 hectares altogether, has five main parts: indoor pools, outdoor strand, therapeutic department, sauna park and beauty salon.
Castle Spa complex at Gyula
You can find here pools filled with brownish water, but don't be intimidated: this is medicinal water full of healthy and super efficient compounds. 
If you want to experience something really extraordinary, don't miss Cave Baths at Miskolctapolca, near Miskolc, Northern Hungary. This is a natural cave system, filled with thermal water, temperature of which is constantly at 29 degrees.
Cave Baths of Miskolctapolca, photo ©
The main buiilding was built in 1959, but the complex is constantly renovated and modernized. A sauna park and (from spring to autumn) outdoor pools also await visitors. 
Only Pamukkale in Turkey and Yellowstone Park have a similar salt hill like the one formed by thermal waters of Egerszalók. The beautiful mineral formation can be found at a small village near Eger, Northern Hungary, where one of the youngest spa complexes of Hungary were built in 2007.
Saliris Resort, Egerszalók // photo © CivertanS/Wikipedia
It has quite a selection of indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, jacuzzi, and of course also offers a great selection of treatments. It is worth to complete our bath cure with a day trip to nearby historic town of Eger!
Engineers were drilling for hidrocarbon, but found hot thermal water instead – what a lucky outcome! The story typical in Hungary took place in the small town in Soutwest Hungary in the 1960s, and since then healing waters of Zalakaros have become world famous. Indoor and outdoor pool facilities, jacuzzi and fun elements all guarantee, that no matter we just want to soak in the warm water or look for an active bathing experience, we will find what we want.
Zalakaros Thermal Baths, photo ©
Excursions to the beautiful countryside on foot or on bike, local gastronomy and wines make our stay unforgettable.
Due to the abundance of thermal water, it is impossible to mention all great bath complexes of the country. Check out for more tips!
Visit Lake Hévíz!
Demjén is a small village in Heves county, about 12 kilometers (5 miles) away from Eger, with only 600 inhabitants. The unique component of it's mineral water is the silicic acid, which has anti-aging, as well as hair, skin - and nail strengthening qualities.
Cascade Cave Bath of Demjén, photo ©
The Demjén Spa and Aquapark has 5 outdoor pools with different temperatures, 2 indoor pools with medicinal water, a 25-meter lap pool, and spa elements, ensuring a pleasant relaxation. The uniquely long opening hours (the spa is open till 2 am, year round) with the lit-up pools under the stars offer a magically romantic nighttime bathing experience.

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