George Ezra in Budapest
The British Singer George Ezra actually visited Budapest for the first time this Summer. After scoring huge commercial success with his song " Budapest", it was finally time to come and take a look for himself!

The irony of the story is that George wrote the hit tune in his days travelling and busking around Europe, apparently about a ficticious love interest in the romantic city of Budapest, but apparantly the love interest somehow never came aboput and Budapest remained a city that he ultimately never got to see on that trip. Well now, finally George has visited Hungary and its beautiful capital, and in such style too! The Ezra Express left Bristol in the UK on May 28th and made its way sedately across Europe, stopping to play concerts in Paris and Munich, where we played a "secret gig". This time around, he didn't have to take the trip alone, but was surrounded by a bevvy of mostly female fans, some of whom did the whole trip along with him, and others who joined along the route to Budapest, where he finally acheived his goal of playing a gig (at the Aquarium) in the city that means so much.


His new album is entitled "Wanted on Voyage" (an old slogan that used to be stuck on wardrobe trunks during the days of steamboat travel) and it features several songs that are connected to the theme of journeys.

Here is a video of the Budapest part of the trip.

The star will hopefully return with more hits, but can we also hope that he will return to the city that became his muse? Only time will tell.


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