Best terrace places of Budapest
Best terrace places of Budapest in springtimeThe abundance of great cafés and restaurants is one of the main attractions of Budapest, and the number of possibilities multiplicates when springtime arrives. Terraces pop up in every corner of the city, so we can not only enjoy gastronomic experiences, but...

Best terrace places of Budapest in springtime
The abundance of great cafés and restaurants is one of the main attractions of Budapest, and the number of possibilities multiplicates when springtime arrives. Terraces pop up in every corner of the city, so we can not only enjoy gastronomic experiences, but great urban landscapes, panoramas or city parks.
Here we have collected some of the best terrace places of the Hungarian capital. Due to the almost endless possiblities, our list to be continued!  
Ruin pubs lvl 2.0
Hottest neighbourhood of Budapest, 7th district is the epicenter of ruin pubs, a genre uniquely Hungarian! Springtime brings this to a new level, because many of the places have gardens too, which open their doors with the arrival of the warm weather. Check out Ellátó, Mika and Bobek! Such places however can be found all around Budapest, and some of them are completely outdoors. Iconic Kertem will be soon reopened in a new place, and you should also consider Pántlika Bisztró or Dürer Kert too. Find some more info on ruin pubs here and 7th district here.
Gozsdu Sky Terrace, photo © Gozsdu Court
Gozsdu Court also has a great terrace, and moreover it is above roofs: Gozsdu Sky Terrace offers a full panorama to the surrounding urban landscape. Fröcsterasz at Erzsébet Square is characterized by a mixture of ruin pub feeling and the atmosphere of a classic lantern-adorned garden.
Elegant 5th district
In the very heart of Budapest, in 5th district public places have undergone a thorough reconstruction during the recent years, result of which is an even more terrace-friendly ambience. KIOSK at Március 15 Square, in the also refurbished building of the Piarist centre, has a huge terrace and wonderful views to the Danube and the city. Monks Bistrot, Terasz and Kuglóf are also located in this pleasant piazza.
KIOSK, photo © Kiosk Budapest
Akvárium Klub, photo © Akvárium Klub
Akvárium Klub at Erzsébet Square, near the end of Andrássy Avenue is another wonderful location, and though it is below ground level, it is offering a 360° view to such buildings as recently opened Ritz-Carlton Hotel Budapest and Deák Square, while Bestia's terrace offers a panorama to the Basilica.
Terasz, photo © Terasz
Upcoming 8th district
8th district of Budapest is just being explored by tourists – no wonder, as it has also a rich historic past with a lot of great cultural mementos. This ambience offers a great setting for pleasant terrace places – for example Lumen Café at Mikszáth Square, or nearby restaurants at conjoining Krúdy Gyula Street. It's worth exploring this area!
Dunacorso Restaurant, photo © Dunacorso Restaurant Facebook 
'Dunakorzó', Pest side of Danube banks in Hungarian, is a well known classic if you wish to enjoy culinary experiences outdoors. Banks of the River Danube here are lined with elegant hotels like Sofitel, Marriott or Intercontinental, and all of them have pleasant terraces, also joined by many other restaurants and cafés like Dunacorso Restaurant.
Raqpart, photo © Raqpart
Near it's Northern end, at Lánchíd you can find Raqpart (opening on the 1st of May, not far from Four Seasons Gresham Palace, while from the other end of Dunakorzó is not far away terrace of Jónás Sörház of Bálna Budapest with also a breathtaking panorama to the city and Gellért Hill.
Jónás Sörház at Bálna Budapest, photo © Jónás Sörház
13th district: Újlipótváros
Újlipótváros, southern part of 13th district Budapest is also an extremely exciting part of the city, full with cultural memories – although mainly from a more modern era than previously mentioned areas. We can find many really exquisite examples of Bauhaus architecture here, and Pozsonyi Street and Szent István Park are both great public areas, lined with small shops, cafés and restaurants.
Dunapark Kávéház, photo © Dunapark Kávéház
This part of the city was (and is) traditionally home of many poets, writers, actors and other intellectuals. Dunapark Kávéház is one of the most spectacular places, occupying the ground floor of a beautiful Bauhaus building. On just the opposite corner of the street we can find Sarki Fűszeres (''Corner Grocery Store'), housed by an interesting torte slice shaped building.
Lánchíd utca
Just opposite to Dunakorzó, on the Western bank of the Danube, with the renovation of Castle Garden Bazaar the city got a new very promising area, more and more attractive for pedestrians. Here the view of the Lánchíd and Pest side of Budapest can be enjoyed from the terraces of ZONA and Meat Boutique.  

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