Slightly different culture in Prague Show on map|Czech Republic
4/23/2019  |Slightly different culture in Prague
Visit the multi-functional spaces and industrial sheds that house culture and art today. Transformation of industrial buildings into cultural centres has recently become very popular. And this is also true in Prague. You can find clubs, bars, concert halls, theatre halls, galleries or...
Where and How to Exchange Money Show on map|Czech Republic
4/15/2019  |Where and How to Exchange Money
Here are some tips on how to get Czech crowns at the best rate. Even though the Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union for fifteen years, the country uses its own currency – the Czech crown. Therefore, tourists sometimes struggle when navigating prices in stores and restaurants,...
On a Bike, at Ease Show on map|Czech Republic
4/15/2019  |On a Bike, at Ease
Set off across the Czech Republic on a bike! The warm and sunny season lies ahead and it is time to take out the bikes and step on the pedals. Tourists on bikes have the advantage of not being limited by distances like hikers, and they can enjoy the countryside much more directly than...
6 Tips for Flea and Craft Markets Show on map|Czech Republic
4/11/2019  |6 Tips for Flea and Craft Markets
Do you know where to get an old painting, handmade pottery, or a designer skirt? It is getting warmer, and so the season for traditional markets has come! Historically, a market used to be a place where you could buy anything you wanted, learn about the latest news, and meet your friends....
Tips for Trips in the Spring Countryside Show on map|Czech Republic
4/8/2019  |Tips for Trips in the Spring Countryside
Nature is waking up after a long winter. Do you know the best places to visit in the Czech Republic? The Czech Republic is well known for its historical sites. But if you make it to the heart of Europe on your travels, wouldn’t be a shame to spend all the time in the city? We have some...
This Season’s Must-See Castles Show on map|Czech Republic
4/4/2019  |This Season’s Must-See Castles
Many historical sites will in 2019 somehow be connected by the lives of the Clam-Gallas noble family. The new tourist season, beginning for most of the landmarks in April, brings a lot of good news for visitors. One of them is a closer presentation of the noble family of Gallas and Clam-Gallas,...
Where to Get Good Coffee Show on map|Czech Republic
3/25/2019  |Where to Get Good Coffee
Do you enjoy good coffee? Are you planning a trip to Prague or Brno? Then these tips will reveal the best places for an excellent cup of joe! Drinking coffee is the ultimate symbol of city culture. Whether you have a morning cup at home or on the way to work, you can get this drink made...
Visit Czech Spas for Relaxation and Better Health Show on map|Czech Republic
3/18/2019  |Visit Czech Spas for Relaxation and Better Health
Clean air, therapeutic mud, and sulphurous springs – you can find all of that in the Czech Republic! The Czech countryside has many unique features, one of them being spas. It is hard to find a region that does not have a spa, no matter how small. Moreover, using natural resources for...
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