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The European Quartet – One Melody

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have joined together to promote tourism to the four Central European sovereign states, to overseas visitors. The promotional name for this joint marketing initiative by the national tourism head offices, is the European Quartet.

The Quartet, otherwise known as the Visegrad Four (V4), has been working together to ensure long-term success in fields of common interest, through continued and reinforced internal co-operation.

The Visegrad initiative is an expression of the effort to develop the region of Central Europe within the wider framework of Europe-wide integration. All four countries share both historical roots and cultural traditions. At the same time however, each of the member countries has its own unique identity, be this in the field of architecture, art, religion, folklore and traditions or landscape.

It is because of these unique characteristics that visitors to the V4 region are surprised to find new and intriguing surprises at every step of their journey and are most certainly not bored.

The Visegrad area offers several unique UNESCO monuments, world famous spas, authentically preserved historical towns and places of stunning natural beauty.

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