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7 Tips about Historical Undergrounds in Czech Towns Show on map|Czech Republic
10/16/2017  |7 Tips about Historical Undergrounds in Czech Towns
What are the undergrounds in Czech towns hiding? Monsters live there, legends are told and some of them might be true… The underground is mysterious as it often hides something that should have stayed hidden. The medieval times are long gone, so let’s go look at the most important Czech...
Ružindol Sorceress (10/21/2017) Show on map|Slovakia
10/15/2017  |Ružindol Sorceress (10/21/2017)
There is going to be witchcraft practised in Ružindol again. With local witches in the lead role, thanks to whom the people of Ružindol have been grappling with the nickname "wizards". Historical events are performed in a form of follow-up scenes in the Tirnavia Region wineries, as well as...
Top 9 Concerts: Is it Queen, Scorpions or Nick Cave? Show on map|Czech Republic
10/12/2017  |Top 9 Concerts: Is it Queen, Scorpions or Nick Cave?
If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic this autumn, in addition to several trips, you can also see great concerts. Music greats are not only planning on visiting Prague. The Czech Republic was devoted to music this whole year, as one music star after another visited this...
Cracovia 3D (  10/12/2017 - 1/28/2018) Show on map|Slovakia
10/11/2017  |Cracovia 3D ( 10/12/2017 - 1/28/2018)
How the medieval Cracow looked like? What did the burghers' residences, townhouses and palaces look like centuries of years ago? Where did live famous Levko, banker of the Polish kings and the manager of the state salt mines as well as the royal mint that owned a number of houses and lots...
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European Quartet

“European Quartet” is the promotional name for joint marketing of the national tourist head offices of four Central European sovereign states – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, under which they present themselves in the field of tourism. The association of these countries, known as the Visegrad Four (V4), has actively been developing cooperation over the long term in fields of common interest and is intensively reinforcing its internal cooperation. The Visegrad initiative is an expression of the effort to develop the region of Central Europe within the wider framework of Europe-wide integration. This is based on the joint historical roots or one civilisation which all four countries belong to, on a shared cultural tradition and similar historical development. At the same time however, each of the member countries has its own unique points and specifics, be these in the field of architecture, art, religion, folklore and traditions or nature. Thanks to this, visitors to the V4 region are surprised every step of the way and are most certainly not bored. The Visegrad area offers several unique UNESCO monuments, world famous spas, authentically preserved historical towns and places of natural beauty.

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