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Pribina Cup (  3/30/2018 - 4/7/2018) 地图显示|Slovakia
2018/4/5  |Pribina Cup ( 3/30/2018 - 4/7/2018)
The annual gliding competition organised by Aeroclub Nitra, the Pribina Cup will take place at Nitra Airport between March 30th - April 7th, 2018. International Easter Gliding Competition is scheduled here, as usual, during Easter holiday time.
GO ZUZU in Jasná (4/7/2018) 地图显示|Slovakia
2018/4/5  |GO ZUZU in Jasná (4/7/2018)
The most successful female slovak skier Veronika Velez Zuzulová will bid farewell to her phenomenal career in Jasná. She will be accompanied by her family, friends, the female skier Petra Vlhová, sponsors as well as her fans, who have been there all the time to encourage her.
Easter Splash (  3/26/2018 - 4/15/2018) 地图显示|Slovakia
2018/4/4  |Easter Splash ( 3/26/2018 - 4/15/2018)
Easter is the most important Christian holiday. They know it well in Aquacity Poprad and they know how to share. Every child up to 12 years of age accompanied by an adult who will bring a chocolate Easter egg or a toy, will get an all-day Aqua packet entry for only 1 Euro. All sweets and toys will be...
Petra Vlhová signing autographs in Jasná (4/5/2018) 地图显示|Slovakia
2018/4/4  |Petra Vlhová signing autographs in Jasná (4/5/2018)
Fantastic Slovak female skier Petra Vlhová, currently ranked second overall in the FIS world ranking in women's slalom, is visiting Jasná on Thursday, April 5th. Do not miss out on the precious moment and meet our famous young Slovak female skier in Crystal Bar at Biela Púť to get her autograph...
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